The Best Food in the World: Pizza

They are many reasons why Pizza is such a delightful piece of cuisine. Since the 1st time I laid my eyes on a piece of pizza, I knew I would love it. From the freshness of the ingredients to how intricate the process of preparing it, I would say Pizza is a joy to everyone and is heavily enjoyed by most of the world's population. And just recently, I've learned how to make the perfect Pizza pie from my friend who was natively born in Italy. So with this knowledge in hand, I will teach what you need and how to prepare the perfect Pizza from scratch.

Here are the ingredients you need before preparing your Pizza.


Steps to Prepare the Pizza

  1. Spread out the dough in a circle until you get the desired Pizza shape.
  2. Pour tomato sauce onto flattened dough.
  3. Sprinkle cheese onto the area of the tomato sauce.
  4. Add the toppings you have chosen and the amount you desire.
  5. Put the uncooked Pizza into the oven and cook for at 400°F.

For additional information about Pizza and how to prepare it, click the picture of Pizza down below.

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